BrandEins announces results of Best Advisor 2019 – eccelerate honoured again

For the sixth time in a row, Statista and BrandEins identified Germany’s best consultancies. Presented in the current issue of the German business magazine, the renown “Best Consultants” survey evaluates feedback from staff and clients from various companies and consultancies. Approximately 1500 executives from large companies and SMEs, as well as some 7,000 consultants, were asked which firm of consultants they would recommend – eccelerate received so much positive feedback in the responses that we made it onto the best-of-list of e-commerce and the Internet.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for the positive feedback and ratings they provided the survey! The award provides us with a lot of recognition and the motivation to continue to do our best for our customers, to convince other businesses and infect them with our enthusiasm for e-commerce and digitization.


See the complete ranking in German