The digital trend forecast of our experts

At eccelerate we have already started the new year 2020 with a lot of energy. At the beginning of a year, everyone thinks about what the year will bring, which new trends will emerge and so did we. In the following weeks we want to share with you our digital trend forecast for the year 2020.


Simon Metzner


Absolute Convenience

“The trend of increasing time compression forces digital products to carry out necessary process steps largely without the cognitive participation of the user. For example, decision-making processes are reduced by the intelligence of the product and kept away from the user. Example: Free Now, the automated selection of taxi service/drivers are based on previous evaluations. This includes also the integration of products into the surrounding product landscape of the individual user, which should be seamless, e.g: Use of social logins or automatic storage of assets in cloud services.

The expectation of seamlessness will certainly lead to a further consolidation of the variety of offers into a few services that represent a multitude of needs and processes of a user.”


Return of Brand

“Consolidation always leads to displacement processes, which requires a strong bond between the user and the product, if the brand do not want to be the one displaced. Bonds are relying on identities, only if your counterpart seems trustworthy and aligns with your personal profile, we will start a relationship with them. This kind of identification gives small suppliers an advantage and an opportunity to compete with the strong ones. It is their chance to position themselves with a strong individual product personality which in the battle against the broadly based and thus mass-oriented players (example: brewery consolidation vs. craft beer trend). The platform economy offers exciting opportunities to create a brands identity and to establish an ongoing relationship with the user. Brand relationships may become more and more equal in respect to interpersonal relationships when they are fostered through identical digital channels.”


Dominik Hennecke


Tools are not the key to success

“Whereas data and tools are becoming Less and less complicated and faster accessible for everyone, there is a lack of simple models and concepts that shed light on the dark and have a real optimisation or sales impact. Due to growing technical capabilities, tools for every application and an unmanageable amount of data availability, there is a need to have a clear, goal-oriented control by business requirements. Also the know-how about technical affordability and scalability of technical solutions in business units is becoming increasingly important.”


Markus Miller


Marketing & Search: Brand-Building zur Stärkung der Onlinemarketing-Channels

“B2B and B2C companies will invest more and more in brand- building as it will give them an competitive advantage in key channels. A high level of brand awareness will increase click-through rates, optimize the playout of their ads through improving quality factors, and will lead to a lower CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost). Positive “user signals”, which are influenced by brand affinities, provide positive feedback to the marketing campaigns themselves: Rankings improve, click prices are lowered, conversion rates overall increased and additionally high brand awareness pulls direct traffic.”


Adrian Meier


Trustful Data

“Trustful data is the exchange of data between customers and companies and how reliable companies deal with this data in terms of usage, storage and communication. GDPR gives EU-based customers the ability to control how their data is used and who has access to it. This means companies will have to be more transparent about personal data and how they utilize it. Communication and the value of personalisation through data processing will be key to convincing the customer. Data transfer is the only way to provide a customize experience and whoever is best in convincing the customer will win the game.”


Daniel Haglage


Integrate Social Media information into your CRM strategy

“An increasing number of people interact with social media networks every day. This generates valuable information that can be applied into your CRM strategy. Integrating social networks into your CRM campaigns by (re-)targeting these customers with relevant content will impact the overall success of your campaigns. As always it is important to create relevant content for the respective segment as this is the key driver for campaign success.”


Frederic Krüsmann


Personalised Customer Journey

“A personalized customer journey in e-Commerce is becoming increasingly important for long-term customer relationships. AI-based personalized solutions can help to identify and prominently position products that are relevant to the customer. In contrast to brick and mortar retail stores, every customer receives his or her own personalized “shop window”, which not only strengthens the customer relationship but also increases the conversion rate and purchase frequency. This is an important growth element for market advantages in an increasingly competitive environment.”