eccelerate merges with Mindcurv Group

Following the approval by the antitrust authorities in Germany and Austria, it is now official: eccelerate and its sister company Valearis are now part of the Mindcurv Group.

eccelerate now brings its Digital Strategy, Business Model, Organizational Transformation, Analytics & Data Insights, Marketing Automation and Commerce technology competencies to Mindcurv, complementing their existing portfolio of e-commerce software development, data & AI solutions and cloud infrastructure.

“We are very excited about this next step, because as part of the Mindcurv Group we can now accompany our customers beyond our consulting and due diligence services. Through Mindcurv’s deep expertise in building and operating future-proof digital solutions and services, we can now follow up our consultancy offering with a sustainable and complete digitization of the customer journey and therefore the full circle of digital value creation,” says Lennard Grewe, Founder and Managing Director at eccelerate and Valearis.

Through this merger eccelerate is now also expanding their regional presence with numerous additional locations in Germany incl. Cologne, Essen, Frankfurt and Hamburg, the Netherlands, Spain and India.


About Mindcurv

Mindcurv develops digital solutions that have a r/evolutionary impact on companies, processes, and user experiences. Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in Essen, Germany, with offices throughout Germany and in the Netherlands, Spain and India, employing more than 570 people. Mindcurv creates digital customer experiences using modern technologies, cloud infrastructures and data to enable companies to respond faster to opportunities, changes, and challenges in the market. Mindcurv is a certified member of the global MACH Alliance and a partner of modern technology and public cloud providers. For more information about the company, visit: mindcurv.


About eccelerate

eccelerate is a highly specialized digital commerce consultancy that promotes growth and innovation within mid-market and international corporations. Founded in 2012, the company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, with another office in Frankfurt, employing more than 30 consultants and digital specialists. eccelerate develops tailored strategies and digital business models concepts and supports clients in defining and implementing digital growth/ value creation and transformation agendas. Over the last few years, eccelerate has built up a strong reputation, particularly in the DACH and European markets, and has received several awards from Wirtschaftswoche and BrandEins, among others. For more information about the company, please visit eccelerate.


About Valearis

Valearis is a Transaction Services Consultancy that helps both financial as well as strategic investors in the assessment of potential investment targets. Valearis’ sweet spots are small-to mid-cap size funds and strategic investors investing in targets with enterprise valuations ranging from €50m to €500m. The Valearis team accompanies clients from pre-deal outside-in evaluations and sector research to buy-side or sell-side commercial-, digital- and IT due diligence. For more information about the company, please visit: valearis.


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Marlene Hornik

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