Mindset & Culture

We see digital transformation as a bringing about a process of change in the way humans work. The most important factor for success in digital transformation is the human factor. Successful digital transformation is mainly about changes to organisational structures, working methods and people-centric processes. In this context, technology acts as an enabler. In place of strategic planning, agility needs to be at the forefront of a digitalised business. Digital agility requires hyperawareness (behavioural and situational), informed decision making (inclusive and augmented) and fast and agile execution (dynamic resources and processes).


To transform your organisation’s mindset and culture into a digitally agile one, we help you to understand your current capabilities vis-à-vis digital agility and identify improvement potential to create the prerequisites for hyper-consciousness, information-based decision making and rapid implementation.

“The most important factor for success in digital transformation is the human factor.”

Dr. Marc Ehlbeck

Founder and Managing Director

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Agile iterative implementation of a digital growth programme

How Hypothesis-Based Management and Lean Startup Methods Help Digital Growth

Agile iterative Lean Startup methods help generate short-term e-commerce growth in opaque markets where little is understood of the customers’ behaviour regarding digital information. Rather than defining a rigid growth plan and perhaps going off target with it, we were able to help a traditional tool business grow its e-commerce into double digits by testing and learning from digital growth activities.