Adrian Meier

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“For Adrian, good marketing begins with listening. What does the customer need and want? How would they like to be addressed? Adrian puts a special focus on questions like these because he knows that personalisation and tailored customer communication provide the most effective route to customer loyalty. Adrian is also a master at coordinating and automating customer touchpoints. In this regard, marketing automation, successful lead generation, efficient marketing campaigns and effective email marketing is very much practice rather than theory. He is also distinguished by his impressive knowledge of automation systems as well as his pronounced fascination for what appear to be immense impenetrable data streams. Adrian has two “A’s” in his name – we believe that at least one stands for automation”.


In the next life
Adrian would like to be a hotelier in South Tyrol.


Adrian Meier joined eccelerate in May 2019 as Senior Expert Marketing Automation.


At Plan.Net, one of the largest digital agencies in Germany, Adrian got to know all facets of digital dialogue from the ground up and spent more than seven years focusing on automation, personalization, email marketing and customer data & analytics. He has realized a large number of successful projects and implementations of marketing automation systems in these areas and most recently led and supervised a 10-person team as Senior Director. His clients included major companies and corporations in the tourism, aviation, automotive and retail sectors. In addition to his professional, personal and budgetary responsibilities, he also took care of the support of New Business contacts. This broad spectrum of his field of work is an expression of his competence and pleasure in the work, which he obviously notes.

Adrian has a Bachelor in Media Management from the Hochschule Fresenius.

Industry Experience

Automotive & Mobility

Consumer Products

Media & Entertainment