Annika Fendt

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Always bang up to date, Annika likes to focus on future-proofing and online marketplaces. Here she analyses customer content and loves getting to the bottom of how to use platforms like Amazon most effectively. Annika brings a lot of passion to the game. Like no other, she gets inside the customer’s head, understands what is going on, asks the right questions and looks for the right answers. These are never usually far way and, coupled with her ability to create the right content, provide a solid foundation for her to realise the best national and international presence of our customers.


In the next life
Annika would like to own an ice cream parlour or be a dancer.


Annika Fendt joined eccelerate as Associate Specialist Marketplaces in January 2019.

However, Annika had already taken her first steps in the world of e-commerce two years earlier: As a student responsible for international content, she immersed herself in the world of online marketplaces from day one and kept her diving suit on all along. Nowadays, she is our specialist for marketplace strategy and implementation and advises clients on all aspects of customer experience and social media.

Annika studied Applied Intercultural Linguistics at the University of Augsburg in English, Italian and Portuguese and then completed a Master’s degree in Romance Languages and Literature at the LMU Munich. She was able to prove her talent for languages during her semester abroad in Bari, Italy, where, in addition to her love of language, she discovered her love of the country.

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