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Borris Förster is a genuine multi-industry chameleon. While he could be found virtually everywhere before, he is now mainly involved in the primary and secondary sectors and in retail. He has remained true to his enthusiasm for all things digital as well as innovation and business model development. While learning his trade in strategy consulting at one of the Big Four, he also cultivated a pragmatic approach and his obsession with focusing on the customer as an entrepreneur. He has since returned to consultancy with a perspective that is both highly entrepreneurial and visionary. Borris now works with large corporations, mid-sized enterprises and startups on the customer-focused integration of digital as well as brick and mortar strategies, driving innovation and developing hybrid strategies for future business models. His return to the world of consulting is a stroke of luck for our clients.


In next life
Participation at the Volvo Ocean Race with the sailing friends crew (obviously including the middle podium place).


Borris Förster has been Director at eccelerate since late 2017.

Borris is an entrepreneur, consultant and innovator with more than ten years of international experience in Asia, Oceania and Europe. Since 2011, he has been advising the world’s leading companies and startups in various industries, with a focus on digitalization and developing new business models. He was involved in building EY’s advisory services for consumer products and retail and its Future Mobility Group. He also managed digital transformation processes in the pharmaceutical industry and was the CEO of an online pure player. On the side, Borris works as Lead Mentor at accelerators of two listed companies in Germany and Austria. He is obsessed with customer-centric business and product building and helps companies, spin-offs and startups rethink and redevelop their existing business models and products from the customers’ perspective.

Borris is an initiator and co-founder of FOODnext, an innovation hub and think tank that focuses on the future of the food value chain. He has been a speaker and host at different tech, innovation and industry events such as TEDx, Retail Innovation Days, Agritechnica, the ATFT Summit and the International Green Week. He has a strong network in the food, retail, agriculture and startup communities. His major interest is in innovation and business model development in the retail, agtech and foodtech industries. Based on his success as an entrepreneur and adventurer, Heineken N.V. dubbed him one of only ten individuals worldwide as “People Worth Watching” in 2013, and he also won the “Audience Choice Award” at the ATFT Summit.

When Borris isn’t rolling up his sleeves to work with our clients, then he is trekking through the unexplored mountains of Central Asia or the backcountry of Mongolia.

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