Get to know us!

Why us?

Because we are a young, entrepreneurially minded team of digital experts, with a proven track record in business and strategic consulting. Along with our customers, who vary in size, type of industry and strategic approach, we develop solutions to master digital challenges – be it a sustainable digital strategy or successfully transforming a traditional sales model into a customer-centric digital model. Together we can look back on over 250 years of experience in one of today’s most exciting fields of development: the digitisation of business models. Our services range from developing strategies analytically to implementing tools in the machine room. Because we know what we can do, we don’t have to pretend. We are authentic. That’s why even the most challenging tasks always entail some fun. After all, if work was not fun, we couldn’t do it.

What matters to us:

We want to cooperate with our clients to achieve tangible and lasting success as quickly as possible. We bring knowledge, but we don’t break down our clients’ doors with it. Because we come from the outside, it is essential that we understand their internal perspective. Being respectful and listening is just as important as our professional expertise. Patronizing attitudes are not part of our repertoire, even though we are there to pass on our knowledge. Every assignment is different and requires a special balance of sensitivity and sharing of expertise. This can be exhausting, but also inspires us time and again. It feels great to see our clients reach their goals, and even greater to set new goals for ourselves.

Why you?

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newcomer, the fast pace of e-business will keep you on your toes. Because you always love to learn new things, preferably in a fast and furious e-commerce project – with established companies as well as start-ups. And you always prefer to work in a team, because good teamwork is greater than the sum of its parts. You don’t hesitate to roll up your sleeves and get things moving. If this sounds like you, then you are a good fit for eccelerate!

How we spend our time:

At the core, all of us are driven by an unconditional creative will in the service of our customers.

Your personal Development

What drives us all at our core is our unconditional creative ambition in the service of our clients. This is what unites us, but not everyone interprets it in the same way. We don’t want to create a uniform legion of consultants as we know it from large consulting firms, but rather promote independence and uniqueness. So your development after joining us will depend very much on your focus, your idea of consulting, and your performance.

Our diverse range of tasks and very heterogeneous client base will give you the opportunity to develop and find your way. A culture of consistent feedback, clear development goals, and development criteria will help you on your way, as will our mentoring program and our highly developed channels for information exchange.

We separate between Experts and Consultants. Experts generally have a deep understanding of one subject matter along the digital value chain, e.g. Online Marketing. Consultants are generalists. Within the consulting track, career stages range from Associate Consultant to Consultant, Senior Consultant up to (Senior) Project Manager and finally Director. With increasing seniority creating and developing client relationships as well as steering projects are becoming increasingly important.

The boundaries between Experts and Consultants are not set in stone and movement between the tracks is possible. Your performance, your interests and passion as well as which skills you develop decide where your journey at eccelerate will take you. You are in the driver seat.

Your Application

Application documents:
Resume with relevant details and references

1st Round:
45 min. video call

1 week for business case

2nd Round:
2-3 interviews
incl. case presentation

3rd Round:
Additional final interview with the partner

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