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One message, but expressed differently in each channel – this is the biggest challenge for multi-channel companies. Christine Virga believes that the key to success is a sustainable cross-channel strategy and a clear customer focus. Her passion is the continuous optimization of the customer experience, from advertising to after sales service. She loves to share her enthusiasm for the possibilities of e-commerce with her teams and to not only work together to generate concepts and strategies, but also to get hands-on in developing the working and thinking patterns and processes. In her work, she draws on the wealth of marketing and sales experience she gained working with FMCG companies and mail order retailers.


In next life

In this life, I hope to have enough time to try all the crazy ideas going around in my head. In my next life, I’ll do it all over again…or I’ll be a butterfly.


Christine Virga acquired her initial classic marketing and sales experience at international consumer goods companies. Until June 2015, Christine ran the business processes of a successful multichannel brand of Creatrade Holding. In this role, Christine not only honed the strategic direction and aligned internal processes with the changed requirements of e-commerce, but also optimized the cross-channel customer experience. Throughout it all, she always paid special attention to the team, because without a motivated team and a clear strategic direction, even the best ideas are doomed in the long run. Christine completed her master’s degree with a major in international marketing and management in Copenhagen and Singapore. Her fondness for travelling and enthusiasm for foreign cultures and new influences still shape much of Christine’s free time – but a good glass of red wine with friends can make her just as happy.

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