Christoph Moser

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Christoph Moser loves speed – behind the wheel in his private life and in projects at work. The way he sees it, the best concepts on paper are worthless if they can’t be implemented practically and within an acceptable timeframe. Christoph trained as a Scrum master in order to put them into action himself. Now he fights for them every day. His way is quickly built “minimum viable products” that can subsequently be rapidly and repeatedly developed into an optimal solution for customers using acceptance testing. Despite working at high speed, Christoph never loses sight of the details or the need for precision. A focus on data and a test-and-learn mentality help him in these tasks, but his empathy and team spirit are also great assets. As Christoph knows, the best ideas and the greatest speed are worthless without the human factor.


In next life
Maître Chocolatier, owner of a whiskey distillery in Scotland, or drummer in a heavy metal band.


Christoph Moser is a consultant at eccelerate.

Before eccelerate, he worked as a consultant with PwC. Among other things, he was an implementation manager who coordinated and was responsible for the development and worldwide rollout of an e-commerce platform for a German luxury car manufacturer in the after-sales division.

Christoph is a business economist. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics as well as a master’s in business administration from the University of Passau with a focus on international management and marketing. He was able to gain valuable foreign experience during a semester abroad at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, in Chennai, India.

To slow down in everyday life, Christoph mainly likes to spend time getting to know distant countries and cultures, cooking at home, or relaxing with different series or a good book.

Industry Experience

Automotive & Mobility


Technology Industries