Customers & Sectors

Focussing on the end customer – regardless of the sector.

Our customers are as diverse as our consulting projects. But they share the same goal: growth through digitization. The challenges involved in achieving this are very similar despite the different business models and market conditions. Providing, that is, you understand which end customer you want to serve better using more digitalisation. After that, it’s about finding the best way to reach them. Thanks to our strong focus on functionality, we have gained valuable insights into a vast range of different business models and industries over the last few years. More in fact than hardly any other digital consultancy in Germany. You too can benefit from our experience. It would be a pleasure to work with you soon.


Whether it’s wholesale, retail or multichannel trade, things have been. As a result of globalisation and digitisation, markets are alive with new competitors who are exerting pressure on prices, volumes and, ultimately, margins. Many businesses are already facing fierce competition. Retailers, therefore, need to rethink their business models. But is it enough to manage access to the end customer? Absolutely not. In order to make more informed decisions, retailers need to manage customer access using data. In purchasing, in marketing, in the choice of location, in pricing, as well as in the question of whether the current business model is still sufficient to inspire enough (new) customers. We help a wide range of retailers develop their own (digital) brands, network their contact and sales points, and develop new business models and services. The challenges are there to be mastered. Let’s tackle them together.


B2C and B2B manufacturers face very similar challenges. Digitisation offers unprecedented verticalisation opportunities. At the same time, often long-standing partners from wholesale or multi-link distribution exert pressure on manufacturers not to alter traditional sales strategies. But for manufacturers who are gradually losing access to the end customer via the traditional channels, realigning their marketing and sales activities represents an absolutely must. That’s why we help manufacturers – whether a channel conflict is involved or not – to gain new access to the end customer and to gradually transform their business models. Thanks to digital communication, marketing and sales opportunities, we have already transformed lots of manufacturers into retailers. And have accompanied them, for example, as they have expanded into international marketplaces and/or via their own direct sales channels. In a B2B context, it is also important to increase the value of existing customers through individualized CRM and marketing automation activities. We are all tooled up and are ready to help!


Driven by the low-interest rate policies of the central banks, investment funds are growing exponentially. Lots of businesses are feeling the effects. In Germany, the number of takeovers is expected to break records this year. Approximately 30% of all mergers and acquisitions are being carried out by private equity firms. Well-managed, high-yield hidden champions and ambitious digital companies are among the investors’ favourite targets. As digital experts, we shed light on and evaluate targets for private investors as well as our own portfolio companies and show just how realistic business plans and purchase prices are. In doing so, we dive in deeper than traditional strategic consultants in the commercial due diligence business. We break down the performance and expandability of the digital business model into its components and point out cost traps and growth potential in equal measure. We are also happy to support the sale of an owner-managed or portfolio company as part of vendor due diligence. We are always ready to give our objective advice.

Sectors that we understand in depth:

 Automotive & Mobility      Education      Financial Institutions      Energy & Environment 
 Health Care Payers, Providers & Services      Retail      Consumer Products      Media & Entertainment 
 Medical Devices & Technology      Metals & Mining      Public Sector      Principal Investors & Private Equity      Biopharmaceuticals      Telecommunications      Transportation, Travel & Tourism      Technology Industries 

 Engineerd Products & Infrastructure      Insurance     Process Industries & Building Materials