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“Just do it” is more than a marketing slogan for Daniel von Blumenstein – it’s a work philosophy. Implementing solutions is what drives him forward, not PowerPoint slides or concepts on paper. He thinks prioritizing is important, but what is even more important is to just get started. Daniel tackles things hands-on and doesn’t let setbacks stop him from reaching his goals. He is an integrator, interpreter, enthusiast, ankle-biter and collections agent, all rolled into one. Highly integrative, but always sure of what needs to be done. Because, at the end of the day, customers are always at the center of everything he does. He fights for their satisfaction every day, even in the face of inflexible structures and resistance. That’s what makes him so valuable to our customers.


In next life

Owner of a taqueria on the beach of Tulum.


Daniel von Blumenstein is a consultant at eccelerate.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration at the University of Passau before deciding to enroll in the master’s program in management at the EADA Business School in Barcelona.

After successfully completing his master’s degree, he chose to begin his career at the renowned management and technology consulting firm BearingPoint. During his time there, Daniel von Blumenstein worked on projects in widely varying industries ranging from oil and gas corporations to leading insurance companies.

During this time, Daniel came to realize that his true passion is e-commerce. He then moved to CHECK24, the largest German comparison portal. There, he worked as a project manager in the car parts sector, where he drove a variety of projects forward to establish new products in the market.

In his free time, Daniel’s favorite activities are swimming in the lakes of Bavaria and enjoying relaxing evenings with good friends.

Industry Experience

Automotive & Mobility


Process Industries & Building Materials