B2B Lead Generation

The demands on B2B companies in terms of addressing and persuading new business prospects are rising continuously. Competition is getting fiercer and traditional methods of generating leads have almost reached their limits, at least where efficiency is concerned. Nevertheless, with the help of digital channels, a database as well as different routes to generating leads, a completely different set of results can be achieved. But this requires a comprehensive, trackable and measurable lead management process.


This should include:

  • Lead generation activities along the entire user journey (offline and online)
  • Recording all leads in a CRM system. Lead qualification via marketing and, if necessary, making the first contact
  • Delivery of the MQLs to Sales/Service. Evaluation of the lead and preparing contacts/quotes
  • Lead conversion


The most important module is tracking the source of the lead, as well as evaluating leads in real-time to identify which phase they are in. This allows you to determine at any time how individual lead generation channels and campaigns are performing and, in turn, ensures you can target your marketing budget more efficiently.
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“The generation of leads in the B2B environment succeeds through an optimal orchestration of all applicable touchpoints and campaigns as well as a comprehensive monitoring and continuous optimization.”

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B2B Leadmanagement

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To generate more leads, a multinational mechanical engineering company wanted to make its entire lead management process more efficient and leverage potential for improvement. eccelerate launched a new SAAS CRM system that consistently tracks leads from start to finish and, thus, makes it possible best exploit lead sources. Thanks to the development and implementation of new marketing and sales processes, the company is now well-positioned to benefit from more targeted lead generation and management.