Data Driven Growth

During the industrial age energy and oil were the drivers to growth. Nowadays, they are data. However, it is rarely the case that “big data” -> “smart data” is the solution to fostering growth.


Whether its web performance data, product data, customer data, supply chain data, structured or unstructured data, internal or external data, we help you use data as a resource to generate growth. Depending on the digital maturity of your business and the relevance of its business model, we can help you select web analytics tools, product information management (PIM) systems, or build a data lake.


For us, integrating new data processing systems into business processes represents a key factor for success. We formulate the requirements for data science and data engineering staff using proven methods. From regression analysis to k-means based segmentation and machine learning algorithms, descriptive statistics and artificial intelligence, these methods foster data-driven growth. Let us prove to you that your future can also be refined with the right data strategy.

“In the digital age, data is the growth driver par excellence. But only if it is properly networked and exploited. Let us help you grow by designing the right smart data strategy.”

Dr. Marc Ehlbeck

Founder and Managing Director
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Marketing Automation

Making marketing more efficient and improving personalised customer care

To make its marketing more efficient ensure a more personal approach to customer care, a renowned mail order company was looking for the best approach to automated marketing. With the help of eccelerate, a new marketing automation system was implemented, a single view of the customer established, and personalised customer communication improved. Today, the company sees itself very well positioned for greater customer centricity.