Marketing Automation

Marketing automation used to refer to software that was designed to automate repetitive tasks. Often seen as part of CRM, it enabled marketing departments to become more efficient. The only relevant channel was often email. As are result, the term email automation became synonymous with marketing automation.


Today, marketing automation is much more than that. It is an integrated marketing approach that combines workflows, processes, channels and customer-oriented triggers. Marketing automation today includes a variety of systems, databases and tools (CRM, DAM, CMS, CDP, DMP, Social Listening Tools, etc.).


Nowadays, marketing automation gives businesses a structured view of data, allows them to produce content in a scalable and efficient manner, and automate personalised customer communications across multiple channels and customer journeys. Businesses can focus on channel-, customer- and company-specific goals.

That’s the theory anyway. In practice, however, many companies are still miles away from achieving scalable marketing automation. We have often identified the reasons for this in our Marketing Automation Audit. They are a strategy that focuses too strongly on the system, data clutter, a lack of content guidelines and strategies, as well as channel-specific processes. Together these factors often put the brakes on sustainable marketing automation.


This is where we come into play, identifying problem areas, defining pilot projects and implementing them in such a way that meaningful conclusions and proposals for a sustainable setup can be drawn. This approach also reveals the efficiency and growth that results from well-implemented marketing automation initiatives. The more complex the automation task, the more we feel at home – don’t hesitate to contact us about guiding you down the path to successful marketing automation.

“Nowadays, customers expect personalized communication when they give their data to companies. For this to succeed, an integrated interaction of marketing, sales and IT is indispensable.”

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Marketing Automation

An international multichannel player was faced with the challenge of leveraging its potential in marketing to existing customers

An international multichannel player wanted to increase its marketing appeal to existing customers. eccelerate was commissioned to carry out a marketing automation audit, to identify the GAPs and to translate the resulting activities into roadmaps. Thanks to successful pilot projects, the management approved the required structural adjustments and enabled the establishment of a central data management system, content guidelines and resources. As a result, the business benefited from a significant increase in CRM KPIs and internal efficiency.