Next Level Marketing

Innovations in online marketing are advancing at speed. At least that’s the impression you get when you visit one of the many industry get-togethers. An entire sector is intoxicated by its rate of growth. And marketing budgets are getting bigger every day. Nevertheless, marketing often lacks a plan and objective. Given the vast array of complicated products and service providers, identifying what you really need is very hard indeed. The key drivers to optimisation are the same as they were 20 years ago. CLVs still play a subordinate role and order margins do not come into consideration. This leads to poor control – something that is reinforced by an unquestioning mindset and loosely supervised agency partners.


We help countless retailers and manufacturers bring online marketing back into the business model. In the service of the cause, we develop KPI cascades that contribute to corporate goals such as profit and do not just focus on pure traffic or clumsy sales targets. We also set up online marketing units systematically so that it is possible to control and measure affiliated agencies by profit. Types of data-based automation in SEA and CRM release budgets and help to avoid false incentives and bad decisions.


If you want to optimise your online marketing, you need to contact an agency – if you want Next Level Online Marketing, you need to contact us.

“Classic Online Marketing can’t be scaled up efficiently – healthy online growth requires Next Level Marketing.”

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Next Level Marketing

Beyond standard solutions

To maintain a consistent customer base in the face of growing competition for keywords and decreasing marginal yields from SEA, a fashion retailer needed to reposition itself with eccelerate’s help. Old key figures were discarded and replaced by CLV-based ones, margins and inventory situations were taken into account, to aid efficient growth control variables such as average KNRs were replaced with marginal KNRs, and agency management tools were implemented.