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Whilst all other team members associate the word “python” with a giant African snake, for Dominik Hennecke this immediately brings the field of data analysis to mind. For him, Agile Data Science is the central point of approach to generating relevant information for making decisions, as well as for finding the right answers within the available data. In this case, the application itself is the focal point, despite all the fondness there is for methods and data. Only those who understand the business can use the data for practical application. Therefore, methodical magic tricks are not enough for Dominik – the solution to the problem is not what drives him.


In next life

A free skier in winter time, a skipper in summer time.


Dominik Hennecke has been working for eccelerate since September 2017.

He worked as a consultant at Valiton, an IT service provider and part of the Hubert Burda Media group, where he learned about various thematic areas of digital business in the fields of publishing, travel agencies, video-on-demand and e-commerce. He was managing various projects on the integration of web tracking and BI-tools, all the way from the requirements analysis to the technical design and implementation. Additionally, he worked with various clients at Valiton as an Interim Digital Analyst. Alongside his specialist subject, web analysis, he realised various projects for conversion optimisation, tool and agency selection, market potential analysis, usability analysis as well as data warehouse architecture.

Dominik completed a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Bayreuth, as well as a Master’s degree in Management & Marketing at the University of Siegen.

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