Commercial Value Creation

When it comes to development, digitisation offers limitless possibilities. Most of the time, however, entrepreneurial success or failure does not depend on how innovative you are but on how much homework you have done. This might sound self-evident, but the reality is that homework is often neglected. Often, despite being discussed, systems are not used to anything like their full potential. And sometimes processes and working methods that have been in place for years and have never made sense are not questioned.


We do not like overblown discussions, overly involved selection processes and rigid working practices. Usually, it is much quicker and cheaper to change working practices than it is to replace a system. In fact, we believe deeply that two-digit percentage points can be gained from every organizational and systemic landscape. Often it is not knowledge of the system that is lacking but a feeling for where things are at commercially and where to tap into unrealised potential.


It is at this point that our highly experienced consultants optimise the potential of online shops, marketplaces, online marketing and CRM activities by identifying better settings and solutions. We do this using existing resources and without allowing ourselves to wish for a different setup. As a result, you profit from our past mistakes and can take a shorter route to improving your business’s potential. In turn, increased potential creates the business headroom to tackle major development issues with the wind in your sails.

“Double-digit percentages can be extracted from any organisational and systemic environment using existing resources. Let it and you prove it.”

Dr. Marc Ehlbeck

Founder and Managing Director
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Commercial Value Creation

Homework, homework, homework

To keep innovating in group constellations involving multiple brands and clients as well as to efficiently expand sales capabilities, it is essential that we leverage synergies within the group, but also continuously develop our own sales formats. We helped establish a portfolio of measures to optimise the shop and newsletter, to support their implementation, but also to realign processes in an organisational and procedural context.