Setup of Digital Units & Organizations

A common hope is that a particular system or high staff numbers will drive online growth. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. All forms of readiness – systems, organization, processes and data – need to be integrated, but the real key to success for classic business models is process excellence.


We ensure process excellence by deriving it from strategy and enriching it with data, systems and staff. We rarely recommend investing in large numbers of staff or purchasing vast systems. The most effective lever is often coordinated sizing and the interlocking of processes and organisations.


Countless digital and digital-related business areas now bear our hallmarks and frequently differ fundamentally from comparable companies. Smaller, tighter, more focused on core processes. These represent the powerful driver to growth we would like to create for you!

“Success or failure for digital businesses increasingly depends on the business’s ability to become goal- and process-oriented as well as excellent execution.”

Dr. Marc Ehlbeck

Founder and Managing Director
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International Omni-Channel Retailer

Digital transformation thanks to reorganisation

Driven by digitisation, international omni-channel retailers need to master the transformation into true omni-channel players with a focus on digital channels. To do this, they need to eliminate the division between purchasing and sales activities that is common among traditional retailers. Once transformed, purchasing and sales decisions are much more closely interlinked, processes are increasingly geared towards e-commerce, and the newly created team structure ensures compliance with tomorrow’s working methods.