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Lena Krieger is not just considered a purebred online expert at eccelerate since she has worked for a long time on other platform interfaces, particularly stationary ones. She knows the specific advantages of individual touchpoints and platforms in the service context and consequently steps up now and then to manage online customers in the store. There, Lena is completely undogmatic and can get the best results for companies and their clients.


In next life
Homicide squad commissioner or fashion and design journalist


Lena Krieger is a Project Manager and since 2016 with eccelerate.
After Lena had her first Scrum experiences in product management at Groupon in Berlin, she went to Kiveda for 2+ years where she, as Operations Manager primarily in charge of supply chain process automations, was responsible for the introduction of an ERP system and the application of an automated KPI dashboard. Subsequently, Lena became Head of Retail Sales at Kiveda and successfully directed the development of multi-channel cooperation, such as with Media Saturn Holding.

Lena has a Bachelor’s in Economics & Socioeconomics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and a Master’s in International Strategy & Economics from the University of St. Andrews.

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