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Marc Ehlbeck loves competition. Why? Because it drives him to become faster, better, and more efficient every day. From years of experience in a wide range of positions, companies, and industries, he knows when to “put it into high gear” in order to get out ahead of the pack. He wants to get to the top together with our clients. Marc sees quick wins as real assets along the way, and reaching strategic goals as the true wealth. He sees integrity and a hands-on approach not as contradictions but as the expression of his passion.


In next life
Foosball pro or antiques dealer specialized in furniture from the 60s and 70s.


Dr. Marc Ehlbeck is founder and managing partner of eccelerate.

The native of Freiburg is at home in both worlds: After years of strategy consulting as a service provider, he came to know the client perspective in various leadership positions managing the strategic destinies of major mail order generalist retailers, first as Head of Strategy at Quelle GmbH, later for neckermann.de, where he was responsible for the entire online sales division.

Marc sees his role primarily as that of a structurer and asker of questions. He believes that formulating and focusing on the right questions makes up two-thirds of the journey. Based on this fundamental idea, he makes sure that our clients do not “trot out a new idea” every week and try to be a jack of all trades, but that project work is guided with a close eye on what is feasible and essential. He always likes a shortcut, because despite his conceptual approach, he never lost the ambition to win the race with that final sprint.

Marc holds degrees in economics and business. He studied economics at Freiburg University, business management at Open University Hagen, and completed his doctorate at Humboldt University Berlin on the moral and philosophical issues of tax competition. He is the editor of economic publications and the author of various specialist articles about e-commerce.

When Marc is not poring over project lists, he likes to take care of his five-year-old daughter, cautiously rides his 60s Vespa through the hills of his Taunus home, or combs online portals and flea markets for new pieces to complement his collection of vintage furniture.

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