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Nobody calls Markus Miller by his real name – everyone calls him Max. His real name was lost somewhere along the way. It’s actually quite surprising because this kind of thing would never happen in his project work. More than any of his colleagues, he is known for never missing a single requirement detail despite the most agile approaches and often breakneck speeds. But delivering at these speeds has never been detrimental to the foundation of his decisions. He insists on always being “data-informed,” meaning critically examining his own experience and “gut feelings” within the context of insights gained from web analysis. So his name change probably didn’t happen by chance – it was rather a carefully planned coup.


In next life
Whale researcher on Vancouver Island or master brewer at Riegele.


Markus Miller has been an expert at eccelerate since 2014.

He was excited by the web and its potential from the very beginning. He initially approached the medium on a technical level by studying computer science, which he abandoned after obtaining an intermediate degree to start his own company. In this enterprise, he developed B2B shops and advertising games for the web during the start-up era around the turn of the millennium.

He then joined a B2B mail order retailer and, as Head of E-Business, developed the organization’s internal e-commerce service provider and focused his professional interest on search engine optimization and web analytics in addition to project management. He operationalized the associated online marketing and e-commerce processes and created teams in the various disciplines. In order to delve more deeply into online marketing both professionally and strategically, he joined the management holding of the same group, where he became a search and web analytics strategist and was in charge of the 14 company-owned brand shops and their teams in the national organizations.

In his free time, Markus likes to travel, goes whale-watching on any chance he gets, and is an avid runner.

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