Maximilian Demberg

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Maximilian Demberg prefers transparency. The wish to work in e-commerce was therefore close to home for him. Where else can you test the value of an idea, and its potential in just a few days? Maximilian believes that gut feeling is important – but he would never make important decisions based on it. Making constant adjustments to reach the optimal form of development is his working method. Iteration instead of standstill. Testing instead of gut feeling. This is important for him – this is what our clients demand. Maximilian is developing his value for our clients specifically in this area.


In next life
A chef in a small seaside restaurant.


Maximilian Demberg is a Senior Consultant at eccelerate.

He gained his first experiences in the online environment as a product owner and online marketer in the startup atmosphere of a full service agency for the hotel and catering industries. Alongside online-only activities, he was also responsible for answering questions all about further development of market strategies. Both of the above helped him with the construction and development of the Amazon Prime video service. Most recently, before eccelerate, he was a Project Manager for e-Sixt, and was responsible for over 30 international websites and their graphic and technical development to start with. Later, he became a senior e-commerce manager, and was responsible for setting up a nationwide e-commerce strategy and for conversion optimisation.

Maximilian is a business economist. He completed his degree with a major in Hospitality Management at the International University of Applied Sciences in Bad Honnef-Bonn, and consequently completed a Bachelor of Business degree at the Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.

When Maximilian is not directly testing optimal solutions, he enjoys travelling to foreign countries and exploring different cultures. He spends his free time either outside in nature, or at home in his kitchen, where he is always trying new ideas and new spices he has brought back from overseas.