Sigrid Schmid

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Sigrid Schmid doesn’t fit into any box. She’s a whirlwind and organizational talent all rolled into one. The number of tasks that she can simultaneously juggle blows everyone’s mind. Her colleagues are always wondering when one of these juggled tasks will “fall”. So far, no one’s got lucky. And, when she’s at the end of the line with manual tasks then her man simply comes over and fixes things. Even then, she never drops a thing. Unbelievable and also, a little bit spooky. We were always pretty sure this kind of a miracle was no longer possible to find on the labour market. Fortunately, Sigi proved us wrong.


In next life
Restoring an old farm, career as a telemark-skiing-pro or ocean rubbish collector.


Sigrid Schmid is Operations & Accounting Manager at eccelerate.

Actually, Sigi’s experience originated in tourism where she worked for various large tour operators as agency support or in group business. She was able to connect her hobbies of travelling and mountaineering at the DAV Summit Club and sent customers on exciting trips and to remote corners of the world. After the birth of her two children, she worked in online distribution and finally ended up in Content Management / Digital Services at the Carl Hanser publishing house where she was responsible for the Print-to-Online transformation of various trade journals.

Sigrid Schmid is a Tourism Business Administrator

In her spare time, at least one long backpack holiday per year to Asia or South America with her children must be planned – the further away and more exotic the destination, the better. She’s already been backpacking on the road around the globe on a 3 year stint and did various jobs along the way including working as a ski instructor in New Zealand or as a bartender at a lodge.