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Simon Metzner combines several talents: designer, developer, with a concept- and a UX-focus all at once. He manages the balancing act between front- and backend and knows both worlds inside out. His strive for a final digital product is what is driving him. Other people collect stamps, Simon collects methods for strategic product development and utilizes those for the benefit of project success. For him user centricity as most efficient key to success is always in his focus. He’s always targeting a product-problem fit and its digital version as the ideal user experience. In order to reach his goal he makes use of heuristics and analysis methods. But behind the figures he is still able to see the user, behind bounce rates he sees unfulfilled expectations, and behind checkout aborts he sees put-off customers.


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BBQ chef in a Tiki burger shed grilling to the sound of Elvis.


SSimon Metzner has been Senior Expert User Experience & Technology since 2015.

For over 15 years, Simon has always worked at the interface between brand, user experience and online marketing strategy, but always with different perspectives and in different functions. In hundreds of projects, he has learned and internalized one thing: only user centricity is the key to success. The success factors for good digital products and services are in a clear positioning for Simon, fulfilled the promise of value and excellent usability. His goal is the Product Problem-Fit and his digital image as a perfect user experience.

After working for full-service agencies as an art director focusing on the development of brands in the digital context, Simon was responsible for the entire web design and the conception and production of advertising material of all kinds for large players in the B2B wholesale business. Most recently, he was with E.M. Group central responsible for the areas of user experience and brand management of the e-commerce platform and all corporate websites.

Simon studied process design at Burg Giebnichenstein in Halle with a strong focus on systems theory and strategic product development. He comes from Augsburg, where he now lives with his family again.

When virtual alienation takes over, Simon reaches for the spade and improves the bamboo experience in his garden or lets his children show them the way back to non-virtual life.

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