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Stefan Konopatzki is what you would call a “hybrid model”: On the one hand, he has extensive up-to-date marketing experience, and he has led and managed international growth strategies for digital fashion players, as well as developed marketing teams for renowned manufacturers. On the other hand, Stefan has always been a true expert. Inane chatter on the meta-level is not his thing. C-level and front-line support with attention to detail, all in one – this is the connection that sets him apart. Furthermore, he has not lost any of his enthusiasm for new features and tools, as well as data analysis in real time, during his time here. He is a true role model for our younger coworkers. And our clients value him very highly.


In next life
A founder of a transatlantic high-speed sailing route.


Stefan Konopatzki is the Head of Marketing at eccelerate.

As an up-to-date online expert, Stefan has been involved in e-commerce and online marketing since he completed his studies in the late 1990s.

After the establishment and the successful exit to Dell from European business of the high performance computer manufacturer Alienware, Stefan supported various businesses in the foundation and development of their digital business units. For an internationally active software company, Stefan installed a highly complex, automated CRM setup, which to this day is considered a best practise for cooperation partners. He discovered his knack for strongly data-driven marketing when he was CMO of a renowned online fashion company. Under the motto “digital marketing is pure mathematics”, Stefan provides support for our clients with the development of their marketing activities.

When Stefan is not juggling numbers, he loves to explore mountain pastures with his family, or sailing the sea with his friends at a wind strength of 4.

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