New Digital Business Models

Providing direct customer access represents one of the key success factors used disruptive digital players who are creating headaches for established businesses. In particular, this is impacting businesses whose traditional core business is not positioned within the value chain at the end-user of the product or service. In the digital age, a deep understanding of potential digital business models and disruptive technologies is essential to securing long-term success. Afterall, where the world of digital platform economies is concerned, only by being able to sustain direct access to customers will businesses be successful in the long term. And only those who understand the direction of a change within the value chain will be capable of reacting accordingly.


Nowadays, disruption is a massively overused buzzword. Often misunderstood, it means little more than the creation of obsolescence within value chains. Displacement by new business models and technologies affects every industry. It is part of a natural cycle of development, which has quickly gathered speed as a result of digitisation’s fast development cycles. We help you to secure direct customer access and create an unfair advantage by consistently building new customer-centric digital business models in addition to your day-to-day business.

“A key factor in the success of digital business models is the sustainable safeguarding and monetizing of direct customer relationships. It is also at the core of our approach to building digital business models and innovations.”

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Founder and Managing Director
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Digital Venturing

Digital Strategy to the Development of a Full Service B2B Procurement Platform

Given the increasing digitalisation of sales and purchasing processes as well as other transitional factors impacting the packaging industry, a leading SME with traditional sales structures was looking to position itself for the future. Working with the Board of Management, eccelerate co-developed a hybrid strategy that optimises the core business while at the same time establishing a new business model. In the first four months of the implementation phase, this led to a 32% growth in online sales compared to the previous year.