Transaction Advisory Services

Investing in businesses built on digital business models requires a different approach to valuation as well as new form of commercial due diligence (CDD) that pays due consideration to the target’s digital added value. In addition to CDD related topics such as market and competition analysis, customer structure and behaviour analysis, eccelerate M&A consultancy focuses on key digital topics along the customer journey, including marketing and sales, customer service, technical platforms and back-end operations. We answer questions such as:


  • How is awareness built?
  • How is traffic generated?
  •  What guarantees that prospects become online customers?
  • What is the customer experience like on mobile devices?
  • What is the end-to-end customer experience like?
  • How is customer purchase data recorded?
  • How responsive is the customer service?
  • What kind of technical foundation is the platform built on?
  • How will the platform be further developed?
  • What skills are available in the team?


Experience from over 40 deals and hundreds of digital consulting projects helps us answer these questions.
It is also why we are able to red flag issues during due diligence and identify the levers to generating additional growth.
Our experience ranges from acting as a sparring partner for buyers as well as sellers, due diligence, creating value for businesses with large portfolios to support for exit processes”.

“We dive deeper into business models than others because we understand what really matters in the operational digital business.”

Lennard Grewe

Founder and Managing Director
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Commercial Due Diligence

Digital Targets in M&A

A private equity client sought help evaluating a target company selling online gardening equipment. eccelerate undertook the commercial and digital due diligence, the identification of market, competitive and customer trends, as well as the evaluation of operational performance along the sales marketing funnel and the business plan.